Google & Bing Business Management

PeachWiz Google & Bing Management

Do you want to maximize the results you get from Google My Business and Bing Places without having to spend a ton of time learning how to best promote it every month?

Our Google My Business & and Bing Places Management Service is a perfect fit if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of making sure you’re doing everything possible to dominate Google and Bing search results each month. With the Google My Business and Bing Places Management Service, you’ll have the GBBM team doing the hard work for you.

The Google My Business and Bing Places Management Service allows you to work with a GBBM Expert that can handle all the little details (and sometimes big headaches) that come with managing a prominent Google and Bing search business listings.

With this service, your listing will initially be optimized for your targeted search phrases and local. Every month after that, the GBBM team and your account manager will be putting in the work to:

  • Upload images and videos
  • Implement moves, adds, and edits
  • Curate Q&A’s
  • Respond to reviews
  • Monitor your profile
  • Report spam
  • Monitor competitor performance
  • Track your targeted keywords
  • Create a monthly report
  • and anything else that might be thrown in along the way!

Don’t worry if you have more than one location – you’re going to see even more value. We work with many multi-location businesses to eliminate their headaches from the time they spend managing Google My Business and Bing Places.

Our 6 Step GMB Process

Everything starts with learning more about your business! Using our simple Business Management Service form, we will capture all the details about your business location that the GBBM team needs to properly manage your Google Bing Business Listing. This should take you about 10 minutes to complete.
The next step in our GBBM Service is to benchmark your current performance. The team personally conducts a 100-step audit of your business listing based on all the best practices we’ve learned over the past 5 years. You will receive a detailed checklist that shows exactly where your listing stands. If you don’t already have a Google My Business or Bing Places listing, we will get one claimed and verified for you during this step!
With an audit completed, your account manager will then create a customized action plan to improve your Google and Bing listing. This will guide the GBBM team as he fights his way through the digital jungle to give your profile an open path to success.
It’s now time for the GBBM team to really get to work. Your account manager and their team will take over to ensure all the necessary updates are made to optimize your listing. Throughout this process, your account manager will be in close contact to keep you updated every step along the way.
Now that your Google & Bing Business listing is optimized, it’s time to kick off promotion! Each month, your account manager will take care of posts, Q&A, reviews, spam reports, profile monitoring, and reporting. This ensures your listing continues to get more visibility, traffic, calls, and new customers in the door!
Since your Google & Bing Business listing is being properly managed, you should start to see more results within 30 to 90 days of work completion. While the GBBM team is hard at work on your Google and Bing business profile, you’ll have the time to prepare for the new opportunities and customers coming your way.

Affordable and effective solutions

(Google My Business Setup fees start at $1500 depending on locations)

(Bing Places Setup fees start at $1800 depending on locations)

(Google My Business Monthly recurring fees start at $350/mo depending on locations)

(Bing Places Monthly recurring fees start at $350/mo depending on locations)


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