About PeachWiz Digital Solutions

PeachWiz Philosophy

"Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such. The proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success and every effort we make on behalf of our customers is geared towards optimizing this exchange."

Our Process

At PeachWiz we work towards empowering businesses by helping them develop the tools and strategies they need to succeed in a digital and global economy. The company equips businesses with information, technology and the capacity to achieve improved outcomes. Successful small to medium sized businesses need to show a strong entrepreneurial streak. They need to grow and expand through innovative implementation and best practices of the latest technology has to offer and good old fashion hard work.

Diverse Approach

It means understanding that each business is unique, and recognizing that these differences require unique solutions.

Expert Advise

We provide years of knowledge and skills and assist our clients in leveraging our platforms and technologies to compete in today's world.

Proven Solutions

Our solutions have stood the test of time, our long term customers are a testament to old addage that says "if it works don't change it".

Result Based

We continually monitor our efforts and make necessary adjustments to ensure that planned or desired outcomes or results are realized with helpful advice, fact finding, and problem solving.

Why choose us for your business IT

All of our products, software and services are designed to help your business grow and increase your company’s bottom line in today’s challenging business environment. We work with you! Let us show you how other businesses just like yours are leveraging technology and controlling expenses to be competitive leaders in their respective markets.

Our Mission Is To Connect Disprate Digital & IT Efforts

We belive that companies website, email, network, social presence all should be aligned into one concerted effort and strategy.
Your website is your first line of communication with your customers. We can help you align a strategy to create a user experience that resonates with your visitors and convert them into customers.
Today social networking happens on platforms that are unrelated to your website. We can help you manage your social efforts and that of your employees right from your website bringing your social audiences back to you.
Depending on how you are configured, you can connect your network to your website, enabling instant customer interaction and user response. Also enabling your employees to work remotely and still have a real time effect and response to your customers.
Depending on your business and operation needs we can help find ways to use the cloud while saving costs on infrastructure, create a more reliable environment for your business and dispersed accessability.
Video gives companies the best tool to communicate information about the company, products and services. We can provide tools that can make this communication more viable and available to your target audience.

Analyze Your Business

We can explore the possibilities that IT bring to the table for you and show you how to implement these possiblities in with ease of migration and costs.

Business Strategies

We can help you create a step by step strategy with processes to implement without disrupting your current business model and help achive new and future goals.